What are your accomodation preferences?

Housing survey students 2019


To find out how many students will be studying where in upcoming years, the Ministry of Home Affairs conducts a survey in collaboration with colleges and universities. They do this in order to provide better housing solutions for students. Fill in the survey to give your input for your chance to win a city trip worth 400 euro!

“As a student, you are looking for pleasant, affordable and safe housing in the city you are studying. This may sound simple, but things are different in practice. If you want get your own room, you are dealing with waiting times, high rent and tiny rooms in areas you wouldn’t want to live. The student housing companies are doing something about this. They will be constructing affordable rooms in areas where you do want to live and will take your housing needs into account.”

Landelijke Monitor Studentenhuisvesting
If you really want to change something about the housing for students, then please cooperate with this survey using your computer or smartphone.
Landelijke Monitor Studentenhuisvesting

To participate, you can go to wonenalsstudent.nl. The questionnaire consists of about 40 questions and takes about 10 minutes.

How will your answers be used?
The result of this survey will be processed along with information from other sources from the research into student housing. Besides indicating how many students will be living in student cities, the market research unveils how students want to live. This knowledge is used to determine the required number and type of student houses per city, in order to adjust future building plans.

How will I be kept up to date with the results?
The questionnaire will remain active up to April 26. The results will be available on wonenalsstudent.nl after summer.