Master Program Radiation Oncology

Curriculum Master Program Radiation Oncology

With the Master Medical Imaging/Radiation Oncology you partly determine your own study programme. You can choose from a number of modules that match your specialisation. In addition, there are three compulsory modules:

  • One that increases your knowledge and skills in the field of practice-oriented research (Research Methods).
  • One where you learn about the legal, ethical, philosophical and social backgrounds and international context of medical imaging and radiotherapy (Law Ethics Philosophy Sociology).
  • In the last compulsory module, you learn how to design and guide changes in your work environment as a master and how to profile yourself as an advanced practitioner within the institution.


  • Compulsory modules (30 EC)
  • Elective modules (30 EC)
  • Master thesis (30 EC)

Organizers and teachers

The Program is organised by the Inholland University of Applied Sciences.

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