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At every level of work, different competencies and skills are required. The competencies and skills that fit the work of a bachelor are different from those of a master.

Within the MIRO master program, the focus is on transitioning from bachelor to master within the same working environment. Within this change, the participant will take a different place/position/attitude within the organization. During the module the participant, immediate working environment, future working environment and management will see these changes in attitude.

Dealing with such changes is a challenge for both the participant as his working environment. Colleagues may portrait different and changing expectations towards the participant. Uncertainty amongst the participant of what can be expected of him, what the participant expects of himself and what competencies and skills the master role entails is a part of personal professional development.

The aim of this module is to assist the participant when developing his master competencies and guide him within his changing working environment.

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postgraduate/master EQF 7
12 meetings in 11 months

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