Improving co-creation methods for the IMI lab

The goal of this project

The International Music Industry (IMI) Lab aims to enhance the music industry's ecosystem by solving wicked problems through collaboration and design thinking. This project aims to investigate the Lab’s current co-creation efforts, the efficacy of co-creation in different settings, and how the Lab could improve its co-creation efforts.

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How do we conduct this research?

To complete this project, a variety of methods were utilized to ensure that there was a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Initially, thorough observations in the IMI Lab helped identify areas of improvement. Then to supplement the observations made, extensive desk research was conducted to gather information from numerous sources such as academic literature, industry reports, and case studies to gain a more holistic understanding of the subject matter.

Additionally, visiting numerous lab settings helped give a more practical perspective and to see how co-creation is done in different scenarios. Finally, through designing and testing possible new co-creation methods and ideas, an innovative solution to improve the co-creation capabilities of the IMI Lab will be devised.

"'Together, we will go far! By fully and correctly implementing co-creation, the Lab could become a trailblazer in this form of research within the community of living labs, further pushing open innovation."

- Joshua Arenas, junior researcher leading the IMI lab

How do we involve the study programmes?

Within many educational settings, such as the living labs, educators are exploring how to collaborate and co-create with partners from the professional field. This project can help in better understanding and facilitating that process.

Improving co-creation methods or strategies can foster collaborative environments, such as our living labs, where students, faculty, staff, and outside parties work together better in order to come up with innovative solutions. By involving stakeholders in the design and implementation process, the Inholland living labs can gain a better understanding of needs and preferences, which leads to more effective and tailored solutions. In addition, co-creation can help promote a culture of innovation, creativity, and inclusivity which are important values for Inholland.

How do we get the professional field involved?

Through the analysis, involvement, and incorporation of the IMI Lab partners, numerous field professionals are involved. Through improved co-creation efforts with current partners, the portfolio of the IMI Lab can be enhanced, leading to the addition of new possible partners.

What are the desired outcomes?

The expected results of the research are to develop an innovative method or strategy to enhance the efficiency and results of co-creation within the IMI Lab. Ultimately, the main goal is to contribute to the development of a more effective and sustainable living lab model that drives innovation and helps support the development of new products, services, and solutions.

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