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Our research focuses on the context of the international music industry. In our definition this industry entails every entity, large and small, that focuses on any form of economic activity where music is involved. This includes, but is not limited to actors such as artists, producers, record labels/publishers, artist managers, bookers, venue programmers and festival organizers.

Within our research, we focus on new business models and entrepreneurship, but we also look at the societal impact of this industry and the social issues in which music and the music industry can play a role. We approach the music industry as an ecosystem, one that is traditionally heavily influenced and shaped by technological innovations. In addition, music, musicians and the music industry have an impact on society and are important actors in putting social issues on the public agenda. As such, musicians and the music industry are stakeholders in social innovation processes.

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Within our research, we take the approach of design thinking, using the way designers think to explore and come up with possible solutions to problems. Using design methods and tools helps in getting a better understanding of the context of those problems so we can come to better solutions. These problems can be either issues related to the organization of working of the music industry and related business models, or it can be societal challenges in which the music industry can act as a stakeholder to inspire and initiate change.

Ideally our research projects are set within the context of the International Music Industry Lab, one of Inholland’s urban living lab. This lab functions as a hybrid space where education, the professional field and academic research coincides. It is a place where junior professionals (the way we refer to our students), coaches, researchers, professional partners and other stakeholders collaborate and co-create.

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Interested in working with us? The music industry is facing many challenges, think about topics such as talent development and professionalization, inclusion and diversity, mental and physical well-being, new digital technological developments and emerging business models, the societal impact of the music industry, ecological sustainability. These are some of the major issues. If you are part of the music industry and looking for ways to make a change, submit your issue or join one of our projects to look for new opportunities and fruitful ideas to help build a healthier, more sustainable music ecosystem.

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Koos Zwaan
Koos Zwaan
Koos Zwaan

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Improving co-creation methods for the IMI lab

The International Music Industry (IMI) Lab aims to enhance the music industry's ecosystem by solving wicked problems through collaboration and design thinking. 

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