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Not many fields are as international as tourism. That is why this course teaches you to work in an urban environment with respect for other cultures and habits. You are taught to tackle current issues in a creative and connected way. In doing so, you learn to deal with the impact traveling has on our planet and its inhabitants in a responsible way.
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The four-year Tourism Management degree combines theory with practice. You will immediately collaborate with companies from the field. Below you can read how the four years are structured.



There is a world of knowledge and organisation behind any touristic activity and Tourism Management shows you around in this rapidly changing industry. You are trained to become a creative professional with an international and open view.

The first year, you learn to develop and market products and define strategies for destinations and organisations. During the second year, the emphasis is on entrepreneurship and managing companies in the travel industry.

The final two years of your degree, work will be more independently. Year three consists of a twenty-week internship and specialization with self-selected courses that match your personal interests and ambitions. If you pick courses abroad, you can spend the full year outside the Netherlands to gain a maximum amount of international experience. The first half of year four is meant to immerse yourself in the field of your choice, the second half focusses on your graduation.

Programme structure 
During this course, several different teaching methods are used:

  • lectures, seminars and guest lectures 
  • classes and training exercises 
  • group assignments
  • work visits and international excursions

Year 1

Year one

From traveling green to overtourism and from commercialisation to small scale solutions – the first year gives you a good impression of the tourism industry and everything related to it. How do you develop a product in line with the current trends? And how do you strategize a new destination from a sustainable point of view?

This year is built of elements such as: 

  • You will discover how touristic products are made.
  • You will investigate how the sector develops.
  • You will get familiar with tourism policies. 
  • You will learn how to identify trends and how to respond.
  • You will follow language classes, communication trainings, ICT, culture and management classes.
  • You will take part in study trips, excursions and company visits. 
  • You will follow guest lectures from travel industry professionals.


Intercultural communicationSales and marketing in tourismProduct developmentInternational business ethicsE-commerceEnglish(Financial) ManagementResearch

Year 2

Year two

Tourism Management is a management degree, meaning emphasis is on entrepreneurship and management in the touristic sector. The second year, we delve deeper into these topics, both theoretically and practically.

This year is built of elements such as: 

  • You will carry out projects focussing on companies and organizations in the sector.
  • You will develop products and take responsibility for both the business and the creative side.
  • You will get familiar with the position of manager and what it entails.
  • You will take part in study trips, excursions, company visits and guest lectures.

Elective subjects
In the course of this year, you choose the direction you want to take in the final two years of your degree. The subjects are in sync with current affairs and change regularly. By following your own interests, your degree will become more relevant, interesting and personal. Do you want to follow courses at different locations? Study abroad? Delve deeper or rather broaden your focus? The choice is yours.


Product innovationIntercultural communication Sales and marketing in tourismProduct developmentTourism trendsIntercultural communicationResearchHRMEnglish

Year 3

Year three

Work independently in an organisation that suits you, in the Netherlands or abroad. During your third-year internship, you will put everything you learned into practice. Whether you pick a large or rather a small organisation, in the footlights or behind the scenes – each day is a step closer to the start of your career. Everything you do and learn is registered in your portfolio, making it an insightful report of your professionalisation. 

Courses in the Netherlands and abroad
After your internship, you take your pick from the courses at one of our three branches or across the border. If you choose to do both your internship and your courses abroad, you can spend the full year outside the Netherlands to gain maximum international experience. The wide range of courses on offer in Amsterdam/Diemen, Haarlem and Rotterdam, are in line with current touristic issues and are reviewed on a yearly basis.

Specialisation projects
What does your specialisation entail? A few examples:

  • You will research to what extent existing or new products are sustainable and social responsible.
  • You wil investigate touristic opportunities for local inhabitants, so tourism can contribute to the development of their community.
  • You will create a destination analyses and marketing strategy focussing on world heritage.
  • You will provide insight in how to align touristic products with customer search and their booking behaviour.
  • You will develop new recreational products for a local tourist office.
  • You will research possible solutions for destinations where overtourism might become an issue.

Year 4

Year four

In the fourth year you focus on specialising yourself further, following another six months of self-picked courses. The second half of the year, you independently run a project on which your graduation is based. You could for example focus on business travel and incentives or choose cultural tourism. Concentrate on the Netherlands or pick an undiscovered destination far away. You know where your interests lie and what topics suit you. Emphasis is increasingly on the practical side, using your theoretic knowledge.

During your graduation, you will research and/or develop a product. You will professionally document the whole process in your thesis, that you will present together with your portfolio. After successfully completing Tourism Management, you are Bachelor of Arts.

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To make sure you feel right at home at Inholland, you will be assigned a study coach. In the first year, you will meet with your study coach every term to discuss how you are getting on in the programme. The assignments you will work on, will also give you more insight into the professions that will be available to you after graduation. In subsequent years, your study coach will help you decide on, for instance, your specialisation phase and internships.

More opportunities to go abroad

The tourism department has an international network, so you can follow part of your degree at one of our partner institutions. Besides that, we will also encourage you to secure your internship abroad. There are connections with organisations, such as World Adventures (Costa Rica), Pelorus Eco Adventures (New Zealand), Explore Sideways (South Africa) and UNWTO (Spain).


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