A slight change to how we make reservations, report matters and apply for events


Are you looking to make a reservation for a meeting room, borrow a laptop, solve problems with the Wi-Fi or an application or apply for an event or a removal? You can take care of this yourself using the Self-Service Point. The environment for this will look slightly different and will not work quite like what you are used to. The main advantage of the new system is that we will be able to help you even faster and more effectively.  

Our Iris Intranet will remain the starting point for all your questions and requests for help. The Self-Service Point will serve to supplement the primary information available on Iris about facilities processes and IT service management processes. The Self-Service Point will also have more in-depth information about various topics and so-called knowledge items to quickly get you started. It will also have forms for reservations, reports and applications.  

A new layout that is largely intuitive 
Right now, a link in Iris takes you to a form in TOPdesk. This link will instead take you to the Self-Service Point, where you will find the form, in-depth information and various knowledge items. This will for the most part be self-explanatory, and you can simply use this to do what you came to do. If you run into any problems, we will be happy to provide tips and support.  

Reservations up to six months in advance 
You will be able to use the Self-Service Point to make reservations up to six months in advance. All reservations up to 15 April 2024 (six months after the Self-Service Point goes live) that have already been made using the current system will be transferred to the Self-Service Point. Please note: any current reservations for the period after 15 April 2024 will therefore lapse. You will have to make these reservations again in the new system.  

Our goal: to help you faster and more effectively 
We are designing the processes and cooperation in the new system so we can help users like you even faster and more effectively. We will also provide you with information so you can quickly get started with the new system.  

Questions and/or suggestions? 
Read more about the project and the Self-Service Point in the SharePoint environment. You can ask us questions in the Enterprise Service Management project's Teams environment. We would love to tell you more! 


Reserving a parking space is not possible immediately when the Self-servicedesk is open: We are not able to import the future parking space reservations (up to six months in advance) before October 16. To ensure that we do not have duplicate administration, it is not possible to reserve parking spaces immediately upon go-live. We continue to work in the background on the import of parking space reservations. As soon as this is successful, we make the reservations of parking spaces possible again.

Knowledge clips: To help you get started in using the Self-servicedesk, we have created knowledge clips. View them here! Knowledge clips Self-service point (only available in Dutch).