Building and strengthening international bridges at EAIE 2022

EAIE-Conferentie Barcelona

The 32nd edition of the European Association for International Education (EAIE) conference took place in Barcelona last month. This year’s edition was devoted to the internationalisation of higher education and the exchange of knowledge in a broad European network. The EAIE welcomed more than 6,300 delegated from more than 90 countries at this large-scale conference, where they attended countless workshops, inspiration sessions, presentations campus experiences and networking events. Inholland University of Applied Sciences was present with a booth and many of our colleagues took part as delegates. Let’s not forget that EAIE 2023 will take place in Rotterdam next year, with Inholland University of Applied Sciences as one of the host institutions. 

Inholland was well represented at the EAIE conference, with policy advisers, international offices, team leaders, internationalisation coordinators and teaching staff from its various faculties all in attendance. The conference was a great opportunity for those colleagues who are involved in the internationalisation of education and research to network efficiently and effectively. ‘What makes this conference so inspiring is the combination of forging international ties together and gathering innovative subject knowledge,’ Education & Research Manager at the Faculty of Creative Business Jannerieke Hommenga says. ‘This year, the spotlight was on Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs), diversity and inclusion, and green mobility. Internationalisation can be regarded as a call for change and for adventure: a transformative experience that can be had both in and outside of our classrooms.’ 

EAIE-conferentieBeneficial to partnerships and new strategic ties 
Jannerieke: ‘We used the EAIE conference to strengthen our partnerships in and outside Europe, forge new ties and be inspired by stories from around the world – not just success stories, but also accounts of the struggles that researchers and teaching staff are facing globally. Conferences such as these yield strategic ties for student exchanges, interdisciplinary learning and working, short and intensive blended programmes, and staff mobility. Above all, we exchanged a wide range of opinions on and accounts of what education means in a diverse, sometimes restless and not always inclusive world. This is all the more important because Inholland students and staff come from a wealth of social, ethnic and educational backgrounds. Moreover, we train professionals who will be working in a diverse and international society. Internationalisation-driven diversity adds value to both education and research.’ 

Inholland shared a booth with the Municipality of Rotterdam, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Codarts University of the Arts and the Thomas Moore teacher-training college to present itself and project its identity. These are also the partners that will co-host EAIE 2023 in Rotterdam next year alongside Inholland University of Applied Sciences. At the same time, the booth functioned as a meeting space to receive partners. 

Looking outward and building bridges across borders 
For Inholland University of Applied Sciences, having a presence at conferences such as EAIE is essential. Looking outward and building bridges between countries and cultures contributes to a sustainable, inclusive and resilient society. Jannerieke: ‘The labour market is becoming increasingly international and the challenges we face often transcend regional and national borders. For our university of applied sciences, internationalisation is also a means to create a rich and diverse learning environment that is connected to an international ecosystem, in which students and staff can develop into responsible global professionals who are ideally suited to the relevant professional field. The ultimate aim is not just mobility (of incoming and outgoing students), but mainly the instillation of an open world view – also in those who remain in the Netherlands (‘internationalisation at home’).’ 

EAIE-Conferentie Inholland

EAIE Rotterdam 2023
Next year, Inholland will have the honour of hosting EAIE 2023, together with its partners in Rotterdam. The theme, ‘Connecting currents’, is derived from Rotterdam’s harbour, which is where Rotterdam traditionally brings people and ideas together. The event will take place in Ahoy from 26 until 29 September. If you are interested in presenting your unique international project or educational innovation, you can submit your proposal to EAIE 2023 from the middle of October. Keep an eye on the website for more information: EAIE Rotterdam 2023 | International education conference | EAIE

For a first impression, view the highlights of EAIE 2022 in Barcelona and a look ahead to EAIE 2023 in Rotterdam.

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