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The job market is becoming increasingly international in nature, with education, collaboration and research stretching beyond national borders. As a current or future Inholland professional, the world is yours. Learning = being courageous! Inholland University of Applied Sciences wants to provide its staff and students with the knowledge and skills they need to take full advantage of this globalised environment. We are currently working on a vision of internationalisation at Inholland to make sure we can do so in a future-proof way. And we need your help!

The ‘Why internationalisation?’ online co-creation sessions will allow you to speak to colleagues and students about internationalisation within Inholland. The results will subsequently be included in the 2022-2028 Strategic Plan. Your voice has an impact – so sign up now!

Collaborating through co-creation
Together, we will be developing a widely supported vision on internationalisation in an innovative and co-creative way. We will be holding three online half-day sessions focusing on the basic question of ‘Why internationalisation?’ We will be working in groups (using breakout rooms) with professional supervision. The sessions will take place both in English and in Dutch. The format we will be using will allow you to truly make your voice as a participant heard. There will be plenty of freedom to brainstorm, explore and think outside the box!

Colleague of student? All are welcome
Naturally, we are looking for students and colleagues who feel this topic is important and/or have new ideas and who are interested in all the possibilities – preferably people with a critical eye. With regard to the composition of the group, we would like to see a group of students and staff members that is as diverse as possible – from various locations, faculties and departments.

Got any interesting ideas about internationalisation you would like to share as an Inholland colleague or a Dutch or international student? Be sure to sign up!

When are the online sessions?
There will be three online co-creation sessions of half a day. Ideally, you should attend all three sessions. However, if you can attend only one or two sessions you're also most welcome!

Session 1: Awareness
Thursday, 30 September from 13.00 to 17.00
Join the discussion about the key issues: Which perceptions play a key role? How widely is internationalisation interpreted, experienced and lived? What would be the added value of internationalisation for Inholland and current and future Inholland professionals?
Session 2: Movement
Tuesday, 12 October from 09.00 to 13.00
Make your voice heard about progress: Where are we going when it comes to internationalisation – what is the goal on the horizon? What does this movement mean? How will internationalisation help Inholland professionals
Session 3: Output
Thursday, 4 November from 13.00 to 16.00
Contribute to working out how we can get started: What do we need to get internationalisation started, make it feasible and take action?

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If you have any further questions, please send an email to whyinternationalisation@inholland.nl.

The project team Why internalisation: Danielle Leentjens (Domein Techniek Ontwerpen en Informatica), Kathelijn Rijkels (Onderwijsbeleid en Juridische Zaken), Nynke Moens (Domein Creative Business), Francis Lagendijk (Centrale Studenten Administratie), Brigitte Spa (Centrale Studenten Administratie), Jacqueline van Rennes (Domein Gezondheid, Sport en Welzijn), Jannerieke Hommenga (Domein Creative Business) en Veerle Desmedt (Communicatie & Human Resources).

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