Corona measures 26 November: more far-reaching measures

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On Friday evening, during the third press conference of this month, the cabinet announced further measures to contain the rapidly increasing Corona virus infections. For your education, the situation remains unchanged and fortunately all educational activities can continue on location. We continue to ask you to stick to the basic measures and to use your face mask. Education is exempt from the mandatory 1.5 meter rule. Try to keep your distance where possible

Health comes first
The ongoing Corona crisis keeps everyone occupied. After all, your health and the health of the people around you always come first. It can therefore worrying to come to the University buildings during these times. Sometimes the situation can lead to frustrations and heated discussions. Above all, let's be understanding, and allow for the different opinions regarding Corona and how we deal with it. Discuss it with your fellow students and your teachers.

Meetings and group sizes
Since November 12, a maximum group size of 75 people per room applies, with the exception of examinations. If you want to organize a meeting yourself, coordinate this with your study programme to see what the options are.

Face masks mandatory
Since the beginning of this month, it is mandatory to wear a face mask when you walk through the University buildings. Unfortunately, we see people who do not wear a face masks. We urge you to adhere to this measure.

We keep repeating it: if you come to the University building, do a self-test twice a week. If the self-test results are positive, stay at home and make an appointment for a PCR test at the GGD. It is also wise to do a self-test if you have been vaccinated. New self-tests are available at out locations at the reception or exit. Use the self-test if you have no symptoms. Do you have any symptoms? Then stay at home and have a PCR test done at the GGD. And if it turns out that you have Corona, report it to (the team leader of) your study programme.

Corona check is not mandatory
As you know, the cabinet has plans to implement a Corona pass. We have practical and fundamental objections to this. The current proposal is impossible to implement. It is harmful to our students and our teachers. At Inholland University of Applied Sciences, we stand for inclusion. We want your education to be and remain equally accessible to everyone.

For frequently asked questions about Corona, check the FAQ on Iris.


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