Easing of measures 15 June: our education in practice

From Monday June 15th, we will be allowed a bit more space to get back to (partly) physical education. We have determined some regulations that will apply in our buildings from 15th June onwards. The general principle remains: study and work at home as much as you can, and provide online education wherever possible. In this article you will find how we intend to design education at our location from the 15th of June. This can be adjusted at a later time if the government changes its guidelines.

June 15th-September 1st: education on location and time slots
From June 15th onwards, we will use the physical spaces for written exams that cannot (yet) be conducted online, classes in laboratories and practical skills classes. In addition, we have to take into account the travel restrictions in public transport. The government asked us to use timeslots to prevent students from using public transport during peak hours. This means that educational activities can take place at the location during 11.00h and 15.00h and after 20.00h. Whenever necessary, we will also timetable some Saturdays.

Follow the instructions and directions
Our buildings now comply with every guideline of the RIVM. Classrooms and other spaces have been organized according to the 1.5 meter rule, mostly using stickers to signify how to keep your distance. Furthermore, posters with the basic rules can be found throughout the building. There are instructions and directions for the maximum amount of people per room. We have placed pillars with disinfectant hand gel throughout the building. We urgently ask everyone to follow these instructions very carefully.

Working and studying from home remains standard
To facilitate pleasant and safe working in the buildings, it remains the norm to work and study at home. The taking of tests and safeguarding appropriate distancing is logistically a very detailed and precise task. This applies especially for the period between 15 June and 17 July. Hence, only use the buildings if you have no other facilities for online education or examination, or if working or studying at home is problematic for another reason. Should the location become too crowded, you may be denied entry.

Preparation principles new academic year
At the moment, we are preparing the general principles for how we want to model the new academic year. The possibilities will most likely be limited, but we hope to find additional ways to meet each other more often. We are coordinating with the locations and faculties to make the best use of our spaces as we possibly can.