'Everyone can live a valuable life’

Start Up Campus Haarlem in conversation with Renzo Pichel

SUCH Renzo Pichel

Renzo Pichel (29) Sports Science student is starting his holistic lifestyle coaching practice to achieve lasting behavioural change. With his knowledge and insights, he helps people live a valuable life. The  programmes of Start Up Campus Haarlem are helping him to realise his ambitions.

The road to resolution is pure profit     
“I am searching. And I believe it is my strength. I let it be known when I don't know something. But I have confidence that I have all the investigative power to find the answer. As a holistic coach, it's about the bigger picture. I can see and fathom multiple dimensions. Therefore, we often tackle a completely different problem from the complaint clients come to me with. When dealing with a problem, finding the solution is not the only gain. The road itself is pure profit. So it may well be that a solution works for you, but not for those around you. The resistance that arises there gives all kinds of beautiful insights. I find it mega interesting to guide clients with their issues.”

Making space for a valuable life
“I started a startup in holistic lifestyle coaching. I focus on behavioral change, but more importantly on maintaining that change. Clients come to me with issues about nutrition, their social life, and about improving their finances. Together with the client, I explore their core values, and then we set up an appropriate structure.”

“My approach is Socratic. I constantly ask questions, and based on the answers, we determine the strategy. Often underlying blockages play a role. That's where my strength comes in. Uncovering the blockages and working with the biggest ones. Everyone can live a valuable life. I help them make space the right way. That's what I do it for.”

Take the brakes off!
“When I look at the world, I see so much unnecessary pain. We want more and more. Then I think: you are already good enough. Get on with your demons. You will see that the world is a beautiful place.”

“Clients come to me because I point out the sore spot and dare to deal with it. I am good at getting people on board and get infinite energy when people start moving. That energy is sometimes wild and uninhibited. But if you want to get everything out of your life, sometimes the brakes have to come off.”

“When clients have been with me, I hope they can take more pleasure in the things they were up against beforehand. And all the obstacles, everything that blocked them, no longer has to be there. My approach is energetic but also full of humor. I love the play element, and laughter gives air. Clients quickly feel safe with me. I consider that a great compliment.”

If you think 'I don't dare' then jump!
“I attended the Start programme at Start Up Campus Haarlem. And have now also signed up for the Growth programme. I found it so inspiring!”

“It taught me what is possible. Because you get together with other student entrepreneurs and get so many insights. That is so valuable. I was so uncertain at the start. Gradually, I learned that I could do much more than I expected. For anyone considering entrepreneurship, I would say: do it! Take that leap. The moment you think 'I don't dare', that is the moment you jump. At school, we often worked with a 360-degree feedback form. I would say: 'Get that out again and take that feedback seriously'. Then you can work with it.”

“And you know, it's never flawless. But that's exactly what makes it fun!”

About SUCH:
Start Up Campus Haarlem is the place for entrepreneurial students of Inholland University of Applied Sciences. Through an inspiring five-month program of events and workshops, you work on your entrepreneurial skills and grow your network at lightning speed. Entrepreneurship starts at Start Up Campus Haarlem! Want to know when the next Start or Growth program starts? Check our Instagram or website.

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