How do you deploy AI for your own future?

DigiQuest for students: register for this impact-driven event

How can the emerging digital era contribute to a safe, sustainable, and social future? That question will be explored during DigiQuest Amsterdam, by students and professionals from various sectors who are working or studying at the intersection of technology and creative entrepreneurship with social impact. Students can register now.

DigiQuest is organized by Inholland University of Applied Sciences and IBCOL. The student-focused event is scheduled for November 17 at the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam. In this impact-driven gathering, students and professionals will explore together how developments such as blockchain, AI, and big data can contribute to solving the big challenges society is facing today.

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Blockchain Olympiad
In 2020, Inholland University of Applied Sciences participated for the first time in the International Blockchain Olympiad, an annual competition for students. Participants are challenged to solve social issues using emerging technologies such as AI and blockchain. Inholland came in third that year. That stage award in the prestigious competition got attention and sparked conversation. This is how the idea was born to bring the Olympiad to Amsterdam.

Project leader Richard John: "We were keen to collaborate with the Olympiad to find even more creative answers to the big problems we face today. It was our wish to set up a bigger event around the Olympiad. We are proud that this year's Olympiad is taking place in Europe for the first time, having previously been held in Hong Kong, Canada, and Bangladesh, among others. On November 17, students and partners will immerse themselves in the Nemo Science Museum, Amsterdam, to learn how you can use technology to influence the future."

Leap forward
Initiator Peggy van Schijndel: "Beyond just showcasing the role technology can play in social innovation, the initiative is focused on making a tangible contribution to society. This is achieved by having students work on real social challenges presented by our partner organisations, including companies like Deloitte, The Next Web, and OpenAI, as well as non-profit organisations like Oxfam Novib and The Rainforest Alliance. They will pitch diverse challenges during various workshops that will be taken up by students. We are in an important phase of technical development and innovation. It is a leap forward that also makes us face new challenges, for example, in the areas of rights, inclusion, privacy, and data ownership. These issues will all be addressed."

During the event, there will be panel discussions and active workshops, for example, on education for Generation Z and the societal side of this development, such as privacy and human rights. Richard: "Digital space is going to play an important role in education. That's why Inholland already wants to embed it as much as possible in tuition. It is very nice that we can explore this development together with so many partners from the field. The international aspect of the event, with participation from students around the world, adds a valuable global perspective to the discussions. It's fascinating to hear how students from different cultural backgrounds perceive and adapt to these digital advancements.”

Intersection between technology and society
Peggy: "DigiQuest is open to anyone who recognizes the importance of incorporating technology to address significant societal challenges. While the event welcomes participants with technical expertise, it particularly emphasizes the inclusion of students from a variety of fields, such as Creative Business, innovation, care and welfare. They may have less knowledge of technology, but they are aware of the social issues at stake. It's really about that intersection between these technical developments and pressing issues."

The event thus targets a wide audience, including students from other educational institutions who are participating in the Olympiad. The municipality of Amsterdam will issue a challenge for secondary school students. They will investigate how technology can be used to solve a typical urban issue. "That way, there is something for everyone," Richard says. "For a start, it's a great opportunity for our students to get to know the business community and future employers. Furthermore, during DigiQuest you will learn how to use AI and blockchain for your own future, both professionally and personally. And finally, it's just a fun day where you meet students from all over the world and have free access to Nemo."

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