New season of Creative Business on Tour can now be seen

Episode 1: flexible education within the faculty of Creative Business

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Curious about what is happening within our faculty? In four new episodes of Creative Business on Tour, colleagues and students take you on a tour through our faculty. Some places and initiatives you may know, others will be completely new to you. Hopefully this video series will give you an overview and information, but above all: inspiration!

We will publish a video every two weeks until the summer break. The first episode is all about the flexibilization of our education and we are taking you to Schiphol for that. Students, lecturers and workfield partners talk about their experiences with the renewed flexible education in years 3 and 4 in the Facility Management programme. This was developed together with our Communication programme and has now been running for over six months.

Episode 2 focuses on our living labs, episode 3 focuses on supporting processes and student participation. In the final episode we will check the state of student welfare. 

You can find episode 1 below. We wish you a lot of viewing pleasure!

Do you want to know more? Please contact Arsjaad Imami, manager Onderzoek & Onderwijs Facility Management and Business Innovation. Or visit the TEAMS environment of our faculty!