Results of 2023 National Student Survey (NSE) announced

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On average, students are just as satisfied with their degree programmes at Inholland University of Applied Sciences this year as they were last year. This is according to the results of the 2023 National Student Survey (NSE), which were published this morning. On the question ‘How satisfied are you with your degree programme in general?’, students gave an average rating of 3.5 (on a 5-point scale). In addition, there was an increase in how students rate their personal contact with lecturers. ‘We don’t just claim that we’re personal and accessible. The NSE scores now show that students increasingly feel that this is true’, Inholland Executive Board President Bart Combee said in a response. ‘Let’s keep that up.’ 

Satisfaction scores are virtually the same as last year across the board. As in previous years, students still feel comfortable at Inholland. They are very satisfied with the atmosphere in their degree programmes (4.0). Students gave even higher ratings than last year regarding preparation for professional practice during their studies. They are also more satisfied with feedback on their work that helps them understand the material. The lecturers who teach them are subject-matter experts and make sure that students are able to ask questions in class.  

Degree programmes that scored above average 
Several programmes received above-average scores for overall satisfaction. A number of programmes even scored 4.0 or higher, such as the new Electronic Music associate degree programme in Haarlem. With a score of 5.0, this programme was rated highly by students when asked ‘How satisfied are you with your degree programme in general?’ Other Inholland programmes with high scores on this question are the Conservatorium in Haarlem (4.4), the Associate degree in Social Financial Services in Amsterdam (4.0) and Business IT & Management in Diemen (4.0). 

Points for attention 
Satisfaction dipped slightly in a few areas. These include certain study facilities, testing and assessment, and the timely announcement of the study timetable and any relevant changes. The Executive Board is aware of these points and will devote special attention to them: Bart: ‘At Inholland, we want our students to reach their fullest potential in all areas. Being satisfied with study facilities and timetabling is an important precondition for this. We are therefore investing in more student-focused educational logistics like scheduling, timetabling and facilities. How great would it be if those efforts to improve things became even more visible? We are now looking at what additional steps we need to take in order to achieve this.’ 

What will we be doing? 
An important step that Inholland is taking in this respect is to involve students even more in possible points for improvement and Inholland’s ambitions: sometimes formally, such as in programme committees, but even more often in an accessible manner between lessons. Bart: ‘We see students as partners to advance our education. At the moment, students are conducting a study into how we can improve the services provided to all students. I look forward to their recommendations.’ 

About the NSE 
The National Student Survey (NSE) is a national student satisfaction survey carried out by Stichting Studiekeuze123 on behalf of the Ministry of Education. A total of over 289,000 students in higher education completed the survey. 

For more specific information about the NSE results for Inholland University of Applied Sciences, please visit the information portal. 

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