Serious Ransomware threat

We request all colleagues and students to be extra vigilant with emails attachment containing Macros. This is an ongoing acute ransomware threat, extra vigilance is necessary.

Ransomware is malware that blocks a computer and/ or all data on it and asks the user for money in return to 'free' the computer/ data.

What should you pay attention to?
When opening an attachment it is essential that you pay attention to the presence of Macros. The sender can be external, but it may seem that this e-mail comes from a colleague or (fellow) student. See below an example of a file with Macros. Before you can work with the file, the Macros must be activated (enabled).

Only click on the “enable content” button if you are sure that the file can be trusted. Verify the sender’s e-mail(address) for authenticity before taking any action in the attachment.

Where does this threat originate from?
This ransomware attack is currently causing severe problems in the US. It is very possible that it will reach Europe (has already arrived in the UK) quickly.

Read this article for more information about an American hospital that fell victim to this ransomware.

Please contact the IT Service Desk  or Service Desk if you have any questions or concerns.