'Successful entrepreneurship? Persistence is key!'

Start Up Campus Haarlem in conversation with Ayaz Saadatpour Vahid

Ayaz Saadatpour Vahid

Ayaz Saadatpour Vahid (19), first-year Information Technology student is starting his own company in content creation for social media. Where his passions for music and media come together.

If I go for something, I do it 100%
I am enthusiastic and eager to learn. If I go for something, I do it 100%. I have been living in the Netherlands for less than three years, but my thoughts are already in Dutch. I learned the language quickly and by myself at home. My father got work in the Netherlands and together with my family, we moved here from Iran. To start at Inholland, I first attended an ISK (Internationale Schakelklas) and eventually got my Iranian diploma through the embassy.

Before coming here, I had many social fears. For instance, I did not dare to walk up to anyone and was very introverted. But soon I found out that if I wanted to achieve something in the Netherlands, I needed other people. And so, I confronted my fears. And look where I am now!

I found out I love meeting new people, communicating, and connecting. This is something I never wanted to miss.

Combining music and media
All my life I have been involved in music and media. Through the ISK, I met Common Frames. It is an organization that takes up film and media projects with (young) newcomers. That is where I produced my own film for the first time. The organization picked out my work and added me to their Talent Team. Now I have independent film and media jobs and have started my own business. I want to help other entrepreneurs grow through my digital content creation.

I make videos, and photos but also music. At home, I have a small studio and create unique styles such as flamenco, pop, rock, and e-music.

Communication has always been important in our lives, but it has always taken different forms. First, there were conversations, then came newspapers, and books, and now social media is a big source of information. If you want to reach a lot of people, social media is the go-to.

My current clients are event companies. But I keep developing myself to convince other audiences to work with me as well.

 My goal is to add something to society. I would like people to remember me as the guy who does 'good'.

My first client was on the street
My first client was a musician from Hilversum. We were there for our film project. And I took a few shots of a musician. We struck up a conversation and started following each other on Instagram. Later, I saw via Instagram that he was looking for a videographer for a gig. That videographer became me! And that is how I had my first client.

This sounds easy. But you should know, I have been on the street a thousand times. Every other time it did not work out. And this time it did. I mean persistence is key!

I hope clients perceive that I am organized. That I have my affairs in order and under control. And of course, they are happy and satisfied. I will not do it for less. My goal is to add something to society. I would like people to remember me as the guy who does 'good'. And, of course, doing genuinely nice work. I am cheerful and happy when I get to do this work. That is why people come back to me.

If I do not do anything, it will not come to me either
At SUCH, I have been following the Start program since October. I had already started entrepreneurship, but I also used the workshops as an extra check whether I was on the right path. Fortunately, I also met other students who are entrepreneurial. I want to develop even more in networking. I realize that if I do nothing, no new clients will come to me either. 

Now I still have a part-time job alongside my enterprise. But my wish, of course, is to earn money doing business. The other day I heard someone say: 'Keep daring! It's not bad to make mistakes. Keep going. This is what I do. If you encounter problems in your path and you still enjoy the work afterward, then you know you are on the right track.


About SUCH:

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