Advanced Proton Therapy Treatment Planning Course

Curriculum Advanced Proton Therapy Treatment Planning Course

In this advanced course, the skills of the participants are deepened by doing planning exercises for five patient cases that are highly complex: for instance, more dose levels, hypo-fractionated dose schemes, and challenging cases with uncertainties e.g. moving tumors, complicated indications, or adaptive treatment. The participants are challenged to explore the potential of their own treatment planning systems and are asked to try different planning strategies, parameters, and beam setups. The assessment of this course consists of a case study about comparing different proton plans at an advanced level. The second part of the assessment consists of a portfolio of all the performed tasks and some clinical treatment planning work.

In all sessions, the comparisons between different proton plans and photon plans are discussed. Before each session, the participants prepare a proton plan and self-study tasks such as reading interactive documents and watching web lectures. During the online/hybrid group sessions, participants present the results of the planning tasks and interactively discuss with other participants, the moderator, and clinical experts.

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