Advanced Proton Therapy Treatment Planning Course

Acquire comprehensive knowledge and advanced skills in treatment planning of Proton Therapy

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The participant will acquire comprehensive advanced knowledge and skills in Treatment Planning (TP) for Intensity-Modulated Proton Therapy (IMRT) and Stereotactic Proton Radiotherapy (SPRT). The course will cover 6 months, consisting of self-study, exercising treatment plan, meetings, a portfolio, and an assessment.

Interactive teaching sessions with clinical international experts (physicists, physicians and/or technologists), focused on situations encountered in clinical practice, will be an important component of the course.

During this course, the participant will acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills in advanced treatment planning and dose calculation of proton therapy. All components of the treatment planning process will be covered at an advanced level. Moving targets, adaptive proton treatment planning, and uncertainties will be covered in the meetings. This course will be especially suitable for RTTs, Physicists, doctors, and other medical or technical specialists already working in a proton therapy environment or just setting up a department and want to deepen their knowledge of treatment planning. Participants who currently work in a photon radiotherapy department are also very welcome to join and deepen their knowledge of the role of proton therapy, preferably those who have a lot of experience in photon treatment planning.

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postgraduate/master EQF 7
6 months

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