Largest international education conference in Rotterdam

Good international cooperation starts with a good relationship


The EAIE Conference 2023, the largest international education conference for higher education in Europe, is coming to Rotterdam. This conference of the European Association for International Education (EAIE) will take place in Ahoy from 26 until 29 September. Inholland University of Applied Sciences is one of the host institutions.

The EAIE conference is an annual conference where education professionals from partner institutions meet, discover new trends and gain new insights into internationalisation. Last year, the EAIE conference in Barcelona attracted 6,300 participants from 90 countries.

Petra Hogendoorn-Schweighofer, policy adviser on internationalisation at Inholland and one of the speakers, has been attending EAIE conferences since 2008. ‘This education conference does not only deepen your knowledge on internationalisation but it is also a great opportunity to meet and expand your international network.’

Inholland at the EAIE
This 33rd edition in Rotterdam will be packed with workshops, content sessions, speakers and Campus Experiences. As the host institution and funding partner, Inholland will take up a prominent place this year, together with Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Thomas More Hogeschool and Codarts.

This means that, for the first time, Inholland will have its own stand during the conference, it will organise 'Partner Days' on 25 September and the Inholland locations in Rotterdam and Delft will be open on 26 September during the Campus Experiences. We will also get exposure with an article in EAIE's Forum magazine, on the conference website and at the conference venue. In addition, two of our proposals this year have been selected for content sessions on Thursday 27 September.


View on developments
In one session, about the future of internationalisation, Petra will talk about the Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP) and how these programmes can contribute to solving societal issues. In the other session, Adinda van Gaalen, strategic adviser for research and internationalisation, will discuss the key role of policy in making the internationalisation of higher education more sustainable. Check out the full programme of the EAIE conference.

Internationalisation and sustainability
Sustainability is one of the trends at the EAIE conference, alongside inclusivity and digitalisation. An interesting topic, because how do you cooperate sustainably? And can a conference where people from 90 countries travel to one place be called sustainable?

Petra Hogendoorn-Schweighofer: ‘That's right, it's a dilemma for many educational institutions. Therefore, the EAIE encourages travelling to the conference by sustainable modes of transport. Fortunately, conducting meetings with international partners online allows you to reduce mobility to some extent. However, the best ideas often come from meeting each other in person.'

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Would you also like to attend the EAIE conference?

If you would like to participate in the conference as an Inholland colleague, for example to increase your knowledge and skills in the field of internationalisation, please get in touch with your line manager. Early-bird ticket sales started on 31 May.

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