Study efficient from home: 10 tips

These are exceptional times for educational institutions. Online education is currently the focal point and for our students a lot of things are different from what they are used to. This incentivized Inholland-lector Rutger Kappe and his colleagues, to develop an infographic for pleasant and efficient study at home.

Infographic: continue your studies as 'normal' as possible
Online education not only demands a lot from teachers, but also from our students. For many of them, studying at home, without the facilities and regularity of school, can be quite a task. That is why we want to help them in every possible way to continue their study activities at home as pleasantly and 'normally' as possible. Rutger Kappe: 'A lot was already available for teachers to work remotely, but this was not the case for our students. That is why we immediately started collecting evidence-based tips for successful online study'.

The infographic offers 10 tips that students can implement directly, divided into three categories: discipline and focus, well-being, including stress and motivation, and E-contact and collaboration.

Are you a student? We are curious to hear your experiences
We are eager to learn how you experience the 'new studying'. What difficulties are you facing or what is going well? What do you think of our tips and do you have tips of your own? Share your experiences via studiesucces@inholland.nl or via our twitter channel @StudiesuccesInh.

Study Success: research and resources towards study success
This study tip-infographic is an initiative of the research group Studiesucces. This team conducts practice-oriented research into factors in study performance, delay and drop-out. This results in instruments and proposals for educational innovations. In addition to this infographic, an infographic on focus was recently published, because students indicated that they wanted support with focusing and dealing with distractions. Student welfare is an important topic as well, because we notice that many students experience stress and psychological complaints during their studies.