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Education colleagues from around the world to visit Delft campus


From 26 to 29 September, the 33rd edition of Europe’s largest international conference for higher education will take place. This time, it is being held in Rotterdam, with Inholland University of Applied Sciences as one of the host institutions. At the annual EAIE conference, education professionals come together to learn, discover trends and meet up

Various different workshops, sessions and lectures will take place during the EAIE conference. Visitors can also take part in the Campus Experience in Delft and Rotterdam on 26 September. In the morning, you’ll see examples of our practice-based education, we'll engage in discussions about internationalisation policy and activities. In the afternoon, you’ll either have the opportunity to explore one of our Living Labs situated on the scenic Southbank of Rotterdam, or visit our green campus in Delft. 

In the Living Lab in Rotterdam students from different disciplines, teachers, researchers, the professional field and community members come together to work on current and future challenges. During the experience in Delft, participants from a wide range of countries including France, the Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden and Mexico will find out more about our education, our labs and the special projects taking place in Delft.

Flappy Project
One example is the Flappy Project run by Mauro Gallo (Biomimicry lecturer). Given the growing world population and increasing demand for food, it is essential for agricultural and horticultural production to increase. However, pests and diseases pose a significant threat to crop yields and can reduce them by up to 10 per cent. Moreover, growers are increasingly restricted in the use of chemical pesticides. This calls for an alternative, sustainable approach.

Through the use of hovering drones, these diseases and pests can be monitored and controlled at an earlier stage. The drones must be small enough to fly between the plants and able to stay airborne for a sufficiently long time. It is also important to optimise energy efficiency in order to achieve an effective and sustainable solution. This can help growers to grow crops sustainably. If it were up to Mauro, several different crops would be grown in a single greenhouse in the future: 'In this scenario, the "Flappy" drones could monitor the crops, help to prevent problems and even let growers know the optimal time to harvest.’

The place where green & technology come together
In short, Inholland Delft is a dynamic environment in which students, researchers and businesses come together to work on pioneering projects and solutions to the complex challenges of today and tomorrow. From robotics and artificial intelligence to renewable energy and biotechnology, a wide range of disciplines are represented.

Campus innovation 
Besides this special project, Richard Oerlemans, director at the Faculty of Engineering, Design and Computing and location director of Inholland Alkmaar, will open the Campus Experience in Delft. With his extensive experience in higher education and his passion for developing talent, he has transformed the Sticky Campus in Alkmaar into a dynamic learning environment: 'I believe that the Sticky Campus in Alkmaar is a true breeding ground for innovation and collaboration. It is a place where knowledge, talent and businesses come together and where new ideas can come to life.'

'The "Flappy" drones could monitor the crops, help to prevent problems and even let growers know the optimal time to harvest.' 

Mauro Gallo, Biomimicry lecturer

Study associations
Finally, the two study associations of Inholland Delft, S.V. Futurum Mundus Clementia (FMC) and V.S.V. Sipke Wynia, will also be present. These two study associations focus on different disciplines and areas of interest. They provide a platform that not only allows students to connect with fellow students but also allows them to develop further outside the classroom. By organising lectures, workshops, excursions and social events, the study associations contribute to students' academic, professional and personal growth. They provide a community in which students can support, collaborate and inspire each other. 

Programme of Campus Experience Inholland Delft

View the programme of Campus Experience Delft.

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