Experiential learning at Inholland The Hague with the XR Production Lab

"We need an XR minor!" and "Integrate XR into all modules." 

These reactions were just two of the many positive sentiments held from student participants of the XR production lab. The Extended Reality (XR) Production Lab is part of the Creative Agency second year module. It is a new initiative designed to immerse students in the world of augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Through practical and learning experiences, students create virtual worlds and 3D models.  

Experiential learning is paramount to understanding what is conceptually and creatively possible within XR. Students' positive feedback underlines XR's role in professional and career development. The XR Production Lab is a hub for collaborative learning, soft skill development, and an innovative teaching approach, making education more interactive and impactful.

Students gain insights, conceptualize ideas and develop prototypes
During an intensive week, twelve groups of students gained insights into conceptual frameworks and practical case studies, then conceptualized an idea, and finally developed their own prototype. The projects covered diverse topics like cultural exploration, mental health, community engagement, and career exploration. Utilizing tools such as Blockade Labs, Luma AI, Blender, and Unreal Engine, students with limited prior knowledge were able to create prototypes, which they pitched on the last day.

Getting to know new technology is what I enjoyed about the Production Lab the most.


student participant of the XR Production Lab

Best XR ideas
Four finalists presented their XR projects to a panel of diverse judges and were being assessed on value, applicability, and innovativeness.

  • AR Scavenger Hunt App by Adelina Baranauskaite, Sophie de Bruin, Lisa van der Heijden, and Afanaisa Richardson: An AR app like Pokémon Go, designed for introduction week at Inholland. It features a themed quiz, chat function, and leaderboard to enhance student interaction and campus engagement.
  • Inholland Support App by Simeon Mavrov, Vila van Dijk, Mirte Bosgraaf, and Lily Taroenodikromo: An AR digital companion app named 'Holly' that offers emotional support to students, particularly those studying abroad, encouraging them to share experiences and engage in activities.
  • VR Emotional Expression Space by Devante Abhelakh, Udai Alsadi, Tessza Laszip, Rick Riemersma, and Feline Top: A VR project creating an underwater rage room where students can express emotions in a safe, private space, helping them manage stress.
  • Virtual 360-Degree Campus Tour by Mylene Trippenzee, Zuzanna Dziedzic, Anna Kedlicka, and Annemijn Repelear van Driel: A solution for international students, providing a virtual 360-degree interactive tour of our campus in The Hague, mimicking the experience of an open day visit.

The jury awarded the “Inholland Support App” with the grand prize of tickets to the Immersive Tech Week Rotterdam and the possibility to further develop and execute the project. 

Explore the virtual exhibition of the students’ projects here.