Den Haag,

Student association Edgar Dale's

Three of our International Creative Business students, Bruno, Keo, and Loren, make up the board of Edgar Dale’s. Edgar Dale's is the study association and café of Inholland The Hague, based on our own school square.

‘Edgar Dale’s is a community for  students who want to feel safe enough to let loose at school and be themselves', says Bruno. ‘The main idea for us is to host events for students where they can feel the aura of safety and community and to make new friends and get to know the city. It is also just a really cool space to chill in’,  he continues. 

Edgar Dale’s organised some events last academic year but want to continue to host more events for students in 2023-2024.  ‘I really would like to host a boardgame night. It’s something I am actually very passionate about’, says Loren. ‘Students can expect more regular events such as boardgame nights, maybe more musical  activities such as open mics and some chill events where you can just come and have a drink. And we would like to be a more active board where students can turn to with questions, whether they are study related or about The Hague itself’,  Bruno continues. 

Inclusive place
A goal of the board is to have open hours about two days each week the upoming academic year. As the board members themselves are diverse, Edgar Dale’s is an inclusive place. ‘We have two people on our staff who are queer and we are culturally diverse’,  says Loren. ‘It’s a judgment-free safe space’.