DigiQuest Amsterdam Web 3.0

'A Digital Journey to our Sustainable Future' powered by Inholland University Of Applied Sciences

November 15 - 17th 2023 in Amsterdam

DigiQuest Amsterdam is an impact-driven event that brings together industry, education, academic, public, and non-profit partners working at the intersection of technology, creative business, and social impact. DigiQuest Amsterdam is the venue of the IBCOL final event and hosts innovation by students from all backgrounds, both tech and non-tech.

We aim to bring together young talent from around the world in this impact-driven event to explore the intriguing domain of Web 3.0 technology. We want to work together to find creative answers to the serious difficulties that our planet is facing today.

We offer high school students the possibility to participate on Friday November 17. It will offer great educational value and free entrance to the NEMO Science Museum. Limited free tickets available so sign up now below.

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Join us at DigiQuest Amsterdam

Together we will investigate the possibilities of the digital economy and collaborate on our path to a more sustainable future. Are you curious about how to participate as a student, school, university, or sponsor?

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Why DigiQuest?

We understand the enormous potential of technology in addressing the global challenges we face now more than ever. As the deadline for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (also known as the SDGs) approaches, it is critical that we work together and accelerate our efforts to make the world a better place. DigiQuest Amsterdam is a step toward Inholland's goal of educating a new generation of digitally competent leaders.

Throughout this programme and the 3-day event in November 2023, we hope to encourage students to pursue new solutions and foster a collaborative atmosphere in which businesses, aspiring professionals, and scholars can meet and learn from one another, ultimately creating a greater impact together.

Our contribution

Our contribution

At Inholland University of Applied Sciences, we believe that the emerging digital economy will assist us in meeting the SDGs by 2030. We are delighted to introduce DigiQuest Amsterdam, an immersive experience that investigates the potential of the digital economy, including blockchain, big data, and AI, in collaboration with the IBCOL Foundation.

Inholland and Sustainable Development Goals

Inholland and Sustainable Development Goals

Our Creative Business domain is convinced that the digital economy can help achieve the SDGs by 2030. We are pleased to announce the IBCOL finals because of our collaboration with IBCOL: DigiQuest Amsterdam – A multifaceted festival in which students worldwide explore the potential of the digital economy and present their unique solutions built with Web 3.0 technology.

DigiQuest Amsterdam encourages a global network of like-minded individuals taking the first steps toward their vocation, keen to contribute positively by fostering cross-cultural exchange and understanding. DigiQuest immerses participants in the exciting world of digital technology by sharing knowledge, ideas, and stories, providing them with the tools and confidence to effect meaningful change. This exposure not only awakens their potential but also familiarises students with the most up-to-date digital tools and abilities that employers are increasingly looking for. DigiQuest acts as a springboard for this transformation, empowering participants to face future problems and unleash the extraordinary power of digital innovation.


Frequently Asked Questions
Are you genuinely interested in developing long-term solutions for our society? Do you find blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technology fascinating?

On Friday November 17, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of
invention and discovery at DigiQuest Amsterdam in the NEMO Science Museum. We welcome you and other students (high school senior year) to join us. Do you want to learn more about this? Check out the following frequently asked questions and answers:

Why is this event being organized by Inholland University of Applied Sciences?
Inholland aspires to bring together youthful talent to investigate present-day issues. DigiQuest Amsterdam's theme, 'A Digital Journey to our Sustainable Future,' aims to inspire young people to explore the future and contribute to a safe, sustainable, and socially just world.

With whom does Inholland University of Applied Sciences collaborate?
Only partners who share an interest in technology and social challenges, such as Deloitte, Rain Forest Alliance, Kennisland, NFT Playground, WAAG, and The Next Web.

How can I get to the Nemo Science Museum, where the DigiQuest Amsterdam event is
The Nemo Science Museum is conveniently located near Amsterdam Central Station and is
easily accessible by public transportation. Click here for further information on accessibility: Traveling to NEMO Science Museum.

Do I need to register in advance?
Please register by completing the registration form before Friday October 27th if you wish to

Can I take a friend?
Are they as enthusiastic about blockchain, AI, and societal questions as you are? We
welcome them too! They  will also have to register by completing the registration form.

Is the event free?
The event is free for participating students and their teachers. By actively participating in the
various workshops, presentations, and talk shows, you are contributing to the event.

What language will the event be held in?
Given that this event is international, with participants from around the world, the primary language is English. DigiQuest Amsterdam's workshops, presentations, and talk shows are all in English. However, most of the organization's staff and partners also speak Dutch.

Should I bring food and drinks myself?
We will provide food and drinks free of charge. Coffee, tea, water, juices, and snacks are
served at arrival and during the day. You'll get vegetarian sandwiches for lunch and will
conclude the day with snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. Do you have allergies or specific
preferences? After completing the registration form, email digiquest@inholland.nl with your
name and dietary wishes, and we will try and accommodate.

What is the application deadline?
Friday, October 27, 2023. So don't delay, as only a limited number of participants are eligible for this exclusive and free event!

When will the event take place?
DigiQuest Amsterdam will take place from November 15 to November 17, 2023. High school students are invited on Friday, November 17. You are welcome from 8:30 A.M. at the Nemo Science Museum, and the event launches at 9:30 A.M. (pending update).

Can I also visit the NEMO Science Museum?
Participation at DigiQuest Amsterdam also grants you free access to the NEMO Science

What exactly is the DBW23?
DigiQuest Amsterdam takes place during the Dutch Blockchain Week, a multi-city festival of
educational events organized by businesses, governments, and educational institutions. For
more information, visit Dutch Blockchain Week 


To increase awareness for this event, we have created posters and flyers you can distribute in your school. Use A4 printing format to use as flyer or A3 or greater printing format for poster.

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