Intergenerational Learning; a research agenda

Soort object
This paper lays the groundwork for a research program on the topic of how intergenerational learning can contribute to the effectiveness of organizations by capitalizing on the capacities of the ageing worker. According to innumerable studies published by policy research centers in the EU and other developed countries, the pool of available workers is diminishing at an alarming rate due to retirement and an ageing population (Bartels, 2010; Commision, 2009; Stam, 2009). Although there is quite some work on the problem of an ageing population, reports in scientific journals and practitioner, or grey, literature fail to present much empirical work on the specific topic of how organizations can capitalize on the knowledge and innovative capacities of an older worker (INNO-Grips, 2008). Mostly one finds reports and studies that further define the problem and speculate about future consequences. This latter aspect is especially evident in the grey literature.