Aeronautical Engineering (EN) fulltime

"The study gradually increased in difficulty, but opened my eyes to the complexity of problems engineers face and in the end taught me how to enjoy challenges."

Alumnus Elwin Kirigiti

My name is Elwin E. Kirigiti, I am originally from the sunny island of Zanzibar Tanzania and I graduated from Aeronautical Engineering in (July) 2021. 

I made the decision to study at Inholland because the engineering programme had a good balance of costs, theoretical learning, and practical learning in a great country. The study gradually increased in difficulty but opened my eyes to the complexity of problems engineers face and taught me how to enjoy challenges. 

The advantages of this programme
I believe a person who has self-discipline, consistency and perseverance can do well throughout the study programme. I would recommend this study to others because it covers a broad range of subjects that turn you into a well-rounded engineer who can adapt to multiple engineering career paths after graduation. I learned how to practically design, manufacture and test electronic boards for various use cases e.g. wind tunnel force measurements tests and GPS telemetry.

After graduation
After I graduated, I started searching for a job after a few months of rest and found a job within six months. I work at ASML HQ in Veldhoven as a system performance test engineer. I test and qualify within nanometer specifications some of the world's most advanced, and expensive microchip-making machines. The position of test engineer was a good fit for me because of the opportunity to deepen my knowledge about electronics, and as a professional, I get to work on cutting-edge technology that makes a difference. The knowledge about how to structurally solve problems from my education helps a lot during my daily work. This knowledge allows me to troubleshoot complex problems and furthermore communicate the problem in a clear way to my colleagues consistently. 

Future perspective
In five years, I see myself still making an impact in an engineering role, but steering innovation at a managerial level, making it easier for younger talent to push more boundaries.  


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