A Mobile App (WhiteTeeth) to Promote Good Oral Health Behavior Among Dutch Adolescents with Fixed Orthodontic Appliances

Intervention Mapping Approach

Janneke Scheerman, Pepijn van Empelen, Cor van Loveren en Berno van Meijel
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De verdediging hiervan was op 26 september. Background: The insertion of fixed orthodontic appliances increases the risk of dental caries, particularly in adolescents. Caries can be prevented through good oral health behavior. To support adolescents with fixed orthodontic appliances and for promoting oral health behavior, we developed a theory- and evidence-based mHealth program, the WhiteTeeth app. Objective: The objective of our paper was to describe the systematic development and content of the WhiteTeeth app. Methods: For systematic development of the program, we used the intervention mapping (IM) approach. In this paper, we present the results of applying the first 5 steps of IM to the design of an mHealth program: (1) identifying target behaviors and determinants through problem analysis, including a literature search, a survey study, and semistructured interviews, to explore adolescent oral health behavior during orthodontic therapy; (2) defining program outcomes and objectives; (3) selecting theoretical methods and translating them into practical strategies for the program design; (4) producing the program, including a pilot test with 28 adolescents testing the acceptability and usability of the WhiteTeeth app; and (5) planning implementation and adoption. Auteurs: Scheerman, J.F.M., van Empelen, P., van Loveren, C., & van Meijel, B. (2018)