Artificial Intelligence for Radiographers

a systematic review

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Poster KIM voor de ECR is nu online te zien via EPOS: posternummer: C-16092, ECR 2022 Purpose Artificial Intelligence (AI) has developed at high speed the last few years and will substantially change various disciplines (1,2). These changes are also noticeable in the field of radiology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy. However, the focus of attention has mainly been on the radiologist profession, whereas the role of the radiographer has been largely ignored (3). As long as AI for radiology was focused on image recognition and diagnosis, the little attention for the radiographer might be justifiable. But with AI becoming more and more a part of the workflow management, treatment planning and image reconstruction for example, the work of the radiographer will change. However, their training (courses Medical Imaging and Radiotherapeutic Techniques) hardly contain any AI education. Radiographers in the Netherlands are therefore not prepared for changes that will come with the introduction of AI into everyday work.