Collaborative Care for Patients With Severe Personality Disorders: Preliminary Results and Active Ingredients From a Pilot Study (Part I)

Barbara Stringer, Berno van Meijel, Pieter Karman, Bauke Koekkoek, Adriaan Hoogendoorn, A.J.F.M. (Ad) Kerkhof en A.T.F. (Aartjan) Beekman
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PURPOSE: To test if a collaborative care program (CCP) with nurses in a coordinating position is beneficial for patients with severe personality disorders. DESIGN AND METHODS: A pilot study with a comparative multiple case study design using mixed methods investigating active ingredients and preliminary results. FINDINGS: Most patients, their informal caregivers, and nurses value (parts of) the CCP positively; preliminary results show a significant decrease in severity of borderline symptoms. PRACTICE IMPLICATIONS: With the CCP,we may expand the supply of available treatments for patients with (severe) personality disorders, but a larger randomized controlled trial is warranted to confirmour preliminary results.