Design Play Change

A Playful Introduction to Design Thinking

Wina Smeenk en Agnes Willenborg
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Design In our modern world, we are constantly confronted by challenges of a societal, ecological, organisational, strategic or cultural nature. These so-called wicked problems are difficult to define and even harder to solve, often requiring feats of collaboration. Design, Play, Change is a Design Thinking book and game created for managers, entrepreneurs, trainers, coaches, educators and students who want to develop innovative ideas for future change within and between their teams or organisations. In short, this book is the active agent that can be used to theorise, restructure and overcome challenges we face on a daily basis. Play Crafted both for experts in Design Thinking and for those just getting started, Design, Play, Change will explain the theory behind designing as well as demonstrate how to think, act, create and feel like a designer. With 40 method cards, spanning across different critical roles like the Creator, Emphatiser, Thinker and Maker, the book presents an extremely accessible and fun way of examining complex contemporary challenges with a light-hearted outlook. Regardless of what challenge needs to be overcome, this collaborative game creates a shared vision of the challenge at hand while also generating inspiring insights, fresh ideas and productive activities. Above all, Design, Play, Change is inspirational, energising and fun for you and the whole team playing along with you. At it’s core, Design, Play, Change teaches readers and players a practical way of reframing, envisioning and evaluating their challenges and ideas, addressing them like a designer would in a collaborative game format. Design, Play, Change is a game and a book and is avaliable here: