Educational material toolkit - For educators

Virpi Remahl, Afke Kerkstra, Peter Downs en Vera Dekkers
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The SEDY2 project is a three-year follow-up project (2020-2022) funded through the European Union (Erasmus+). The goal of the project is to encourage inclusion and equal opportunities in sport for children and youth with disabilities. This toolkit is aimed at people involved in educating students or volunteers on inclusion in sport for young people with disabilities, who are managing, working in a sports club or involved in the development of sports policy. They could be a volunteer, a coach, a club member or a policy maker. Inclusion in its simplest form is defined as the state of being included. In an inclusive club, every participant is welcomed, accepted, and feels that they belong. However, the needs of young people with disabilities are often unmet. Young people with disabilities have fewer opportunities to participate in quality sport activities. The goal of this toolkit is to support educators to facilitate and promote disability inclusion among mainstream sport providers through education, using the educational materials and sharing best practices and inclusive ideas from SEDY2 project.