Effects and Feasibility of the “Traffic Light Method for Somatic Screening and Lifestyle" in Patients with sever mental illness: a pilot study

Berno van Meijel, Sonja van Hamersveld, Ronald van Gool, Jaap van der Bijl en Peter van Harten
Soort object
PURPOSE: To study the preliminary effects and feasibility of the “Traffic Light Method for somatic screening and lifestyle” (TLM) in patients with severe mental illness. DESIGN AND METHODS: A pilot study using a quasi-experimental mixed method design with additional content analyses of lifestyle plans and logbooks. FINDINGS: Significant improvements were found in body weight and waist circumference. Positive trends were found in patients’ subjective evaluations of the TLM. The implementation of the TLM was considered feasible. PRACTICE IMPLICATIONS: The TLM may contribute to a higher quality of care regarding somatic screening and lifestyle training.