Evaluation of an Intensive Treatment Program for Disrupted Patient-Staff Relationships in Psychiatry

A.J.F.M. (Ad) Kerkhof, Nienke Kool, Bauke Koekkoek en B.K.G. (Berno) van Meijel
Soort object
Some patients in psychiatric treatment are considered extremely difficult to treat because of the disruptive nature of their relationships with treatment staff. In this paper, we describe and evaluate a specialist inpatient treatment program for these patients. Data were collected from medical records and daily reports of patients (n = 108). Pretest-posttest measurements were used to evaluate the treatment. The main treatment method consists of the provision of safety, structure, and cooperation. Treatment results show statistically significant changes from admittance to discharge. The collaborative and consistent manner in which nurses approach the patients is crucial for quality of care.