Hobby Finder Tool report 2021

SEDY2 project

Lauri Jaakkola, Tanja Ketola en Vera Dekkers
Soort object
The Sport Empowers Disabled Youth 2 (SEDY2) project encourages inclusion and equal opportunities in sport for youth with a disability by raising their sports and exercise participation in inclusive settings. One of the aspects found on the meaning of inclusion in sport is that children and young people with a disability want to have a choice in sport. But where can youth find sport opportunities? Even though people have access to more information than ever before, the information is often scattered across the internet. Sport clubs with suitable offers often do not reach their target groups through their traditional marketing and communication channels. The Hobby Finder Tool report describes existing online hobby finder platforms (Löydä oma seura (FI), ParaMe (SE) & Uniek Sporten (NL)) that makes it possible to search for applied sporting possibilities. In this report different platforms are compared and best practices are shared.