Improving Guidance Information by means of Metric Optical Flow onboard an UAS PP eindpresentatie

final presentation thesis Mark Ramaker

Cock Heemskerk en Mark Ramaker
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To better control the growing process of horticulture plants greenhouse growers need an automated way to efficiently and effectively find where diseases are spreading.The HiPerGreen project has done research in using an autonomous quadcopter for this scouting. In order for the quadcopter to be able to scout autonomously accurate location data is needed. Several different methods of obtaining location data have been investigated in prior research. In this research a relative sensor based on optical flow is looked into as a method of stabilizing an absolute measurement based on trilateration. For the optical flow sensor a novel block matching algorithm was developed. Simulated testing showed that Kalman Filter based sensor fusion of both measurements worked to reduce the standard deviation of the absolute measurement from 30 cm to less than 1 cm, while drift due to dead-reckoning was reduced to a maximum of 11 cm from over 36 cm.