Interprofessional Learning Outcomes-Based Curriculum to Support Behaviour Change in Persons Self-Managing Chronic Disease

Chapter 1 in A Practical Guide on Behaviour Change Support for Self-Managing Chronic Disease

Afke Kerkstra, Cristina Lavareda Baixinho, Isa Brito Felix, Judith Strawbridge en Mara Pereira Guerreiro
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This open access book is a valuable resource for students in health and other professions and practicing professionals interested in supporting effective change in self-management behaviors in chronic disease, such as medication taking, physical activity and healthy eating. Developed under the auspices of the Train4Health project, funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union, the book contains six chapters written by international contributors from different disciplines. This chapter sets the stage for the remaining book, by introducing the Train4Health project and by explaining how the learning outcomes presented in subsequent chapters have been derived and linked with content of the book. Firstly, the Train4Health interprofessional competency framework to support behaviour change in persons self-managing chronic disease is briefly presented. This European competency framework was the starting point for developing the learning outcomes-based curriculum, which is succinctly addressed in the subsequent section. Finally, practical considerations about the Train4Health curriculum are discussed, including opportunities and challenges for interprofessional education.