Management of post‑acute COVID‑19 patients in geriatric rehabilitation

EuGMS guidance

Jolanda C.M. van Haastregt, Irma H. J. Everink, Jos M.G.A. Schols, Stefan Grund, Marije Holstege, Francesco Landi, Laura M. Pérez, Esther Roquer, Martin Smalbrugge en Wilco P. Achterberg
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Key summary points Aim To describe a guidance on the management of post-acute COVID 19 patients in geriatric rehabilitation. Findings This guidance addresses general requirements for post-acute COVID-19 geriatric rehabilitation and critical aspects for quality assurance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, the guidance describes relevant care processes and procedures divided in five topics: patient selection; admission; treatment; discharge; and follow-up and monitoring. Message This guidance is designed to provide support to care professionals involved in the geriatric rehabilitation treatment of post-acute COVID-19 patients.