Psychometric properties of the Dutch WHOQOL-OLD

Robbert Gobbens en Marcel van Assen
Soort object
Abstract Background: To assess the internal consistency reliability and construct validity of the Dutch version of the World Health Organization Quality of Life Instrument-Older Adults Module (WHOQOL-OLD). Methods: The psychometric properties of the Dutch WHOQOL-OLD were examined in a cross-sectional study using a sample of 1,340 people aged 60 years or older. Participants completed a Web-based questionnaire, the ‘Senioren Barometer’. Reliability was evaluated using Cronbach’s alpha and corrected item-total correlations. Construct validity of the Dutch WHOQOL-OLD was evaluated with confirmatory factor analyses, and correlations within and between scales, using scales WHOQOL-BREF, Short Form Health Survey (SF-12), Tilburg Frailty Indicator (TFI), and the Emotional and Social Loneliness Scale (ESLS).