Radiology during pregnancy

risks, radiation protection in medical practice, and communication with the patient

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Poster gemaakt voor congres: ERRS 2022 ( Purpose Harmonize radiation protection across Dutch hospitals for radiology during pregnancy Method Best practices identified in a literature review, interviews with 52 radiographers, and 10 interviews and a survey among 140 pregnant women. Results: • deterministic effects (> 100 mGy) will not occur • stochastic effects may occur, but the risk is very low • no consensus about shielding when the fetus is outside the X-ray beam • better justification needed by requesting physicians • need for a multi-lingual, informative website • need for a list of dose-reducing measures • physician and radiographer should inquire after pregnancy • radiation risk information falls short => 68% of pregnant women wants information => 56% choose a pictogram matrix for this purpose Conclusions The scientific literature shows that risks of radiology during pregnancy are minimal, and anxiety among patients can be reduced by proper communication about radiation risks and uniform evidence-based procedures in all hospitals.