REducing delay through edUcation on eXacerbations for people with chronic lung disease

Study protocol of a single-arm pre-post study

Xiaoyue Song, Cynthia Hallensleben, Hongxia Shen, Weihong Zhang, Robbert Gobbens, Niels H. Chavannes en Anke Versluis
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Abstract Aim: This study protocol aims to examine the effectiveness and preconditions of a self-management program—named REducing Delay through edUcation on eXacerbations (REDUX)—in China. Background: The high disease burden in people with chronic lung disease is mainly due to exacerbations. There is a need for effective exacerbation-management interventions. A nurse-led program, REDUX, helped patients self-manage exacerbations. Design: A single-arm pre-post study. Methods: Fifty-four patients and 24 healthcare professionals (HCPs) in Chinese primary care will be included. The core element of the program is a personalized action plan. HCPs will receive training in using the action plan to help patients manage exacerbations. The intervention will start when a patient is referred to the nurse for a post-exacerbation consultation and ends when the patient presents for the second post-exacerbation consultation. During the first post-exacerbation consultation, the patient and nurse will create the action plan. The primary outcomes in patients will include the delays between the onset of exacerbation and recognition, between exacerbation recognition and action, between exacerbation recognition and consultation with a doctor, and when the patients feel better after receiving medical help from HCPs. The secondary outcomes will include preconditions of the program. The ethics approval was obtained in September 2021. Discussion: This study will discuss a culturally adapted nurse-led self-management intervention for people with chronic lung disease in China. The intervention could help Chinese HCPs provide efficient care and reduce their workload. Furthermore, it will inform future research on tailoring nurse-led self-management interventions in different contexts. Impact: The study will contribute to the evidence on the effectiveness and preconditions of REDUX in China. If effective, the result will assist the nursing of people with chronic lung disease. Trial registration: Registered in the Chinese clinical trial registry (ID: 2100051782).