Report on the development of a European competency framework for health and other professionals to support behaviour change in persons self-managing chronic disease and the associated common learning outcomes-based curriculum.

Cathal Cadogan, Judith Strawbridge, Afonso Cavaco, Afke Kerkstra, Cristina Baixinho, Isa Brito Félix, Marta Moreira Marques en Mara Pereira Guerreiro
Kracht van Sport
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Chronic diseases represent a significant burden for the society and health systems; addressing this burden is a key goal of the European Union policy. Health and other professionals are expected to deliver behaviour change support to persons with chronic disease. A skill gap in behaviour change support has been identified, and there is room for improvement. Train4Health is a strategic partnership involving seven European Institutions in five countries, which seeks to improve behaviour change support competencies for the self-management of chronic disease. The project envisages a continuum in behaviour change support education, in which an interprofessional competency framework, relevant for those currently practising, guides the development of a learning outcomes-based curriculum and an educational package for future professionals (today’s undergraduate students).