Technology-based interprofessional collaboration in primary care for home rehabilitation of the older adults

A dutch exploratory study

Laurence Alpay, Petra Siemonsma, Ybaranda Koster, John Verhoef, Erzy Kassens, Pieter Flaton, Koen Baars, Floor van Kessel en Joan Dallinga
Soort object
Abstract Primary healthcare professionals face an increasing number of geriatrics patients, and patient care often involves different disciplines. eHealth offers opportunities to support interprofessional collaboration (IPC). This exploratory study aimed to gain insight in 1) IPC in community-based rehabilitation, 2) facilitators and barriers for technology-based IPC and 3) technological IPC solutions envisioned by the primary healthcare professionals An focus group with six primary healthcare professionals and a design thinking session with four participants were conducted. Data analysis was based upon an IPC model. Results indicate that facilitators and barriers for IPC can be clustered in three categories: human, organization and technology, and provide some requirements to develop suitable IPC technological solutions Primary healthcare professionals recognise the urgency of working collaboratively. Current barriers are understanding each other’s professional vocabulary, engaging the older adults, and using technology within the patient’s environment. Further research is needed to integrate IPC components in a technological solution