The Co-Design Canvas

A proven design tool for societal impact

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Societal challenges are urgent and affect everyone, including politicians, citizens, government officials, business professionals, NGOs, designers and researchers. Understanding and addressing these challenges is difficult because no single stakeholder or organisation is solely responsible. Everything is interconnected and constantly changing, resulting in challenges being neglected and stakeholders being unable or unwilling to make important decisions. The Co-Design Canvas is a practical and user-friendly tool that supports flexible planning, conducting, and evaluating of co-design processes for multi-stakeholder coalitions and facilitators. It encourages coalitions to discuss and consider eight co-design variables. The accompanying manual helps people find common ground and align their perspectives. - Discover how to facilitate open and transparent dialogue. - A useful tool for initiating, planning, conducting and assessing collaborations. - Learn about inclusivity and effective collaboration in addressing societal challenges. The book can be ordered at :