Using student generated video to link theory and practice on the ‘Levensbeschouwing’ minor

Research report

Pieter Swager en Zac Woolfitt
Learning & Technology
Soort object
The research examined the ways in which Student Generated Video supported the learning process on the course ‘Levensbeschouwing’ (Life Philosophy) on the third year on the teacher training course at Inholland in Amsterdam. The central question examined was: In which ways does the student generated video on the Inholland course ‘Life Philosophy’ contribute to students gaining insight, developing deeper knowledge, and achieving the course learning goals? The 30 students on the course participated in the research. During the course, they were involved in creating three video interviews per project group that examined the question of life philosophy from the perspective of personal life, life philosophy traditions and school life. Video production was segmented into four phases; pre-production, production, post-production and reflection. At each phase, students answered short open questions online, and on the final day completed a survey. A group of seven students participated in a group interview on the final day.