“What does Inclusion in sport means in practice?” preliminary results from the SEDY 2 (Sport Empowers Disabled Youth 2) project.

Kracht van Sport
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Sport is associated with physical well-being and social well-being and it is crucial to understand that it is a right to have access and participate in sport. It’s a question about individual choice of a sporting activity across a continuum of segregated, integrated and inclusive approaches (Kuippis, 2018). Considered as The inclusion spectrum (Stevenson & Black, 2011). The inclusion debates in sport are not about how to substitute special structures with integrative ones, and those in turn with inclusive ones, but are characterized by giving each approach equal importance and validity (Kuippis, 2018). The Social Ecological Model for Health Promotion provides a useful framework for understanding how various sectors influence participation in physical activity or sport (McLeroy, Bibeau, Steckler, & Glanz, 1988). In SEDY 2 we conducted focusgroups with young people with disabilities, their parents/caretakers and professionals in four different European countries (Finland, Portugal, Lithuania and The Netherlands). In the focus groups we want to ask people involved on their view on Inclusion in sport in practice. What does it mean for them and are we hearing the voices of young people with a disability?