Applied Mathematics / Data Science (ENG) full-time

Applied Mathematics is at the core of all engineering branches.

What can you do with a Bachelor's in Applied Mathematics/Data Science

One of the most important reasons why mathematical engineers can have their pick of career opportunities - with 'data scientist' proudly topping the job charts - is because they graduate with a broadly combinable set of marketable and specialised technical skills. We take their future, and the responsibility that comes with the power to create change, very seriously - and we are proud of everyone that has earned their degree here.

Do you want to be in the position to steer a company's course? Or do you prefer to optimise or help build software, develop technology, analyse sustainable solutions, or anything in-between? Check out some of the options below, or type our programme name into a search engine and press enter. Another search term to find Data Science careers is “Best jobs in the world”! What would that be in your case?

Jobs most common in Data Science

  • Data Scientist
  • Software or Data Engineer
  • Data or Business Analyst
  • AI or Machine Learning Engineer
  • Back-end IT Consultant
  • Database manager

And a few options within broader Applied Mathematics

  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Software or App Developer
  • Supply Chain or Logistics Analyst
  • Risk or Finance Analyst
  • Accountant or Actuary
  • Reliability Engineer

Applied Mathematics Jobs

Let's make the Top 3 a little more concrete:

As a Data Scientist…
…you design, test and perfect predictive models that turn data from raw to applicable in whatever field you work in. It combines your pure mathematical and IT skills evenly and gives you the expertise to create tools to influence a company’s decisions. This can be in the fields of tech, AI, deep or machine learning, but also within any sector that inspires you, like media, healthcare, gaming, music, finance and logistics.

As a Software Engineer…
…you will lean a bit more towards IT by developing and maintaining apps, data systems, or any other type of software you specialise in. This programme gives you the education you’ll need to be a professional back-end or data-driven programmer, and provides optional tracks that enable other careers in IT. You can do this in a company, but also as a private consultant or to grow your own business.

As a Data Analyst…
…you will use statistical models created by data scientists, to find patterns in data and make predictions. Ethics is a key skill in this line of work. You will be collecting, combining and interpreting data that can change the course of a company or cause. Within data analytics, you can specialise as well, for example, to become a business, finance, logistics or risk assessment analyst.

"Insights in the explosion of data and software engineering."

Stephan Saah, graduate

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Continuing your studies

After graduating, you can continue your education with a master’s degree or professional certification. Applied Mathematics graduates have successfully finished master programmes all over the world, including programmes on Networking, Software Engineering, Game Development, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.


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