Business Innovation (EN) fulltime

"I enjoyed customizing my learning path by choosing Negotiated Learning Units every term."

Maureen de Vries

"I was looking for a study in which I could utilize and develop my creative capabilities within the context of modern business. I also wanted to develop my English further and incorporate International aspects to my professional identity. Business Innovation seemed to be the right balance between all.

It offers a very solid foundation if you are not yet sure about your career plan. It is also a good fit for business-orientated students that are not solely interested in management, marketing or product design. BI is like a smoothie mixture blending all business elements, with the main ingredient being innovation.

I enjoyed customizing my learning path by choosing Negotiated Learning Units every term. Examples of such study units are; Photoshop Fundamentals, Social Entrepreneurship, Mandarin Chinese, Growth Hacking or Gamification. On top of this, it was always a pleasure having guest lectures and client cases. Having to continuously develop ideas and write assessments can be challenging at times. Luckily, the whole BI group feels like a family and all of the struggles you go through as a student, you share with your fellow classmates.

During my internship and thesis, I noticed that over the years it became second nature to me, innovation became part of my mindset. Personally, I find joy in product and brand development, being involved in the design thinking process from beginning to end. I have been educated in such a way that I can adapt to the market and will continuously keep up with renewed business tactics.

I would say the perfect BI candidate has a natural innovative mindset (aka coming up with innovative ideas, finding solutions etc.), and is able to think outside the box. On top of this, having an entrepreneurial spirit or diverse skillset can definitely be a pre."


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