Measuring the impact of urban social events

drs. Roos Gerritsma, Els Reijnen en Dhr. Jacques Vork
New Urban Tourism
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This guide has been designed to measure and manage the impact of social events in urban areas. Our aim is to facilitate (event) organizers who would like to give a in depth justification for their work on enhancing social and sustainable (local) communities. These events tend to be small-scale cultural events within urban neighbourhoods. Neighbourhoods can differ enormously in terms of their social, cultural, geographical, demographical and economical perspectives and this has to be taken into account when carrying out an impact study. There are many ways to measure impact. We have compiled this guide and toolkit from existing models, methods and additional insights based upon our own research experiences. We wanted to make a measurement instrument that is tailor-made for the specific context of social events and urban communities. For that reason, we will now give some background information about urban challenges, the role of social-cultural events in confronting these urban challenges and about event management and its possible social benefits and costs.