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'This honours programme really feels like a broadening of your horizons'

Student and lecturer on Inholland's TOI-AFL Honours Programme

Last February, the first group of students started the TOI-AFL Honours Programme at Inholland University of Applied Sciences. In this unique programme, motivated and talented students from the domains of Agri, Food & Life Sciences and Engineering, Design and Computer Science work together. Students are also very diverse within the TOI-AFL Honours programme. This group of students is expected to make further efforts in addition to the regular study load. Students are selected for this programme based on their academic results and motivation. Biology and Medical Laboratory Research student Ariana has been a part of the programme since February. “The TOI-AFL Honours Programme is very important to me because I am given the opportunity for continuous development.”

Cees Jeroen Bes, coordinator of the TOI-AFL Honours Programme, is extremely proud of the programme that was set up this year. “The joint TOI-AFL Honours programme focuses on the student's personal development, with an emphasis on personal leadership, creativity, biomimicry, entrepreneurship and intercultural development. Since the start of the programme, the students have been working on master classes based on the book ‘Seven Habits of Effective Leadership’. In addition, we organise various outings where students have the opportunity to work on their personal development.” Cees Jeroen points out that the connection between the TOI and AFL domains is very important: “This connection brings together the Agri & Food sector and the technology sector. This allows students to learn about and from what is happening in other domains. It's a unique combination.”

Personal development
Ariana is also enthusiastic about the programme. “After a kick-off session to get to know each other, we got to work with a method called Animal Reflection (Hondenspiegel). We went to work with dogs during an obstacle race. It was important here to see how someone reacts because a dog also reacts to that.” In addition to these interesting outings, Ariana is also very happy with the master classes she is taking. “The master classes are useful for your continued development. You learn to reflect, which in turn contributes to your personal development in the future professional field. You learn even better to engage in this social interaction, it feels like a broadening of your horizons.” 

Motivated students
The TOI-AFL Honours programme consists of three trimesters. The first two trimesters last from February until the summer holidays. The last trimester is from September to winter break. In two years, all students will complete the TOI-AFL Honours Programme. The programme is equivalent to 18 credits. Ariana: “These points are added to the current points you earn during your courses. They are not intended to allow you to miss classes.” Ariana notes that the group consists of motivated students and that a sense of connection is starting to emerge. “It is a very diverse group of students, and it is very nice to learn about what goes on how at other courses.”  

A lot of different skills
Ariana is full of energy at the start of her career. She recommends everyone to register for the Honours Programme next year: “I really recommend everyone to opt for the TOI-AFL Honours Programme. You learn a lot of different skills that will be important in the future. It's helpful to be proficient in English because everything is taught in English.” 

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